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Party in the Back

July 14, 2009

trailer homeWhen Ricky Nugget and I were off the interstate in Alabama, travelling down the GPS-directed two-lane road (not a highway) we saw some very interesting homes.

Note: This trailer home looks almost fancy compared to alot of the ones I’d seen. (Photo from The Onion)

In Minnesota, such homes are not liveable due to winter weather and the fact that it would kill you were you to live in a place with no windows. But in Alabama, it appeared that people were living in places that should have been torn down (or fallen down) a long time ago.

smokerAnd in front of those places were at least one bbq smoker, if not four. One group of trailer homes we passed had four smokers going and at least two tables filled with all kinds of dishes and pitchers. One that looked like a big old jug of lemonade. Lordy, that looked like a good place to stop and eat. I wonder how they would have reacted had a couple of Minnesotans pulled up and asked for filled plates.

There were so many people up and down that back road that were just hanging out on their porches, smoking ribs and drinking beverages. That’s not something you see here in my Minneapolis suburb. We Minnesotans tend to party in our back yards. Well, except for our neighbors across the street. You know, the ones I’m not so fond of. They’ve got their deck up front and when they’re having a gathering, they sit up there, bbq, drink and blow off fireworks. Yeehaw. You’d think they were from somewhere in Alabama, and not Pittsburgh. I don’t know. Maybe everybody else parties in the front except us. What about you? Where do you party?

alabama with brewton showingSpeaking of Alabama. Here it is. And we drove all the way down toward the bottom. Brewton. See it?  Bottom, off to the left of center a wee bit. We were there. Almost Pensacola, Florida.

We came in through Selma. I seriously have no idea how our Garmin GPS got us the hell over there. When it was dark and I was losing my mind, I insisted that Ricky Nugget stop with the slow northeasterly decent and head due east toward Montgomery.  I didn’t care how far east it took us.

Stupid GPS. Or perhaps I should admit that it could have been the GPS operator who had no idea what she was doing.

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  1. July 14, 2009 1:38 pm

    Lord have mercy! I am totally speechless that you made that drive in a weekend.

    And fit in Graceland, to boot.

    But did you and RN have a picnic without me????

  2. poolagirl permalink
    July 14, 2009 7:28 pm

    I just want you to know that I’ve been to Keokuk several times. toured there with my band. Did you catch the Missouri accents?

  3. lee permalink
    July 14, 2009 8:02 pm

    if you ever find yourself near graceland again, give me a little ringy-dingy. i am in north mississippi, right near there- a short side trip. i will be glad to cook up y’all a mess of bar-b-q. and if you like we can eat in the front yard- although we usually eat on the back patio.

    i visited graceland when i was 4, back in 1969. my thrice-married redhead mother had just gotten divorced and one of the security guards was trying to mack on my momma’s drawers. he invited us to tour graceland. so we went. when we got to the little gatehouse and gave our name, they sent a golf cart down for us. all i remember is going up that long driveway and the big gates swinging behind us. people were taking pictures of us because they thought we were famous intimate friends of elvis. i like to think i am in someone’s scrapbook somewhere, part of their vacation photos.

    graceland itself? not a shred of memory about it. i guess i wasn’t impressed.

    did you see the famous walgreen’s, where priscilla would show up at closing time and purchase ALL the polaroid film? my cousin worked there and wasn’t fooled by the disguise of big sunglasses and scarf. it’s hard to hide a beehive like prissy rocked! yeah, elvis liked to make homemade pornography…..uuuh, photography!

  4. July 14, 2009 8:32 pm

    Party in the front yard? Never! My momma taught me better! heehee

  5. Jean permalink
    July 15, 2009 8:35 am

    Several years ago when I was traveling through Alabama on business(going from Atlanta to Birmingham), I was boggled at the houses/shacks/trailers that you could see from the Interstate. Then I drove by the Talladega Speedway, which was enormous and really nice. And right across the road from it was a trailer, with several apparently non working vehicles around it, and a goat on one of the roofs. No BBQs that I could see. Of course, I was getting a full view of the BACKYARD, which I now know no one uses.

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