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No, UR Stupid

August 12, 2009

Recently I went to the grocery store to fetch myself some sushi. When I came out I noticed this cute little car parked a couple spaces from my Highlander and it’s vanity license plate caught my eye.


I looked again to make sure I’d read it right.

And then I toyed with the idea about opening up my sushi and dumping it into the driver’s seat. Washing it down with the fresh lemonade I’d got to go with it.

But I ain’t that stupid. I mean, I know I’m stupid because this asshole done told me I was and it takes one to know one, right?

I thought about hanging out and asking the driver if he or she found other people’s food tossed onto his or her car seat but then I realized that if they told me it had never happened, I would have thought the world was too unfair to go on living.

I would really like to know all about this person. Lord knows I love a freak show. Really? What kind of a moron is this person?

Anyone in the Twin Cities interested in accidentally running into this offensive snot might do well to plant themselves at the Edina Byerly’s on France Ave. Bring a Tahitian Treat with you. Or some Grape Crush.

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