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Postal Issues

September 14, 2009

If it hasn’t already happened, somebody ought to start a website about Postal Issues. Lordy, our mail system is messed up. Perhaps a letter should cost more than 44 cents. I’m sure we’d have a well-oiled government-run machine then. Right?

Right? I mean, c’mon, you get what you pay for, right?


Ricky opened his package, finally. No candy. His sister was returning a wireless router that he’d sent to her earlier. She didn’t need it.

And now, nobody can have it.

Not because it was smashed beyond recognition. It was in one piece. And…it was damp.


I imagine it fell out of the plane while over the ocean. I think it was awfully kind of the plane to turn around and fish it out. I bet it flew on Northwest Airlines and one of the very sweet flight attendants, as they are known to be…oh crap. I just threw up in my mouth…thoughtfully got the pilot to turn the plane around and get Ricky’s package.

Heh. Ricky’s package.

God. I am 13. Amen.

I bet that’s what made the candy fall out of it. I don’t know there was candy in there, for a fact, this is my imagination working overtime.

Stupid ocean.

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