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Food and Wine and Friends and Laughter

October 31, 2009

white wineThe Big Nugget and I went to a dinner party last night. An actual, sit down, dinner party of eight. A self-thrown birthday party given by our long-time friend and her husband.

I was thinking about how, in my younger years, these kinds of sit-down dinners made me very nervous. But now, I look forward to picking up a bottle of wine and driving into the city for somebody else’s cooking.

And our hostess, the birthday girl, is originally from Spain so the food is not your typical lasagne and green salad spread, typical of a Minnesota gathering. (Unless it’s a Christmas gathering, which involves lefse, if your hostess is of the energetic variety)

I found myself in the kitchen, sipping wine-alot of wine, and helping (by mostly supervising) the frying of mushrooms (with chile peppers and garlic – awesome!) and a variety of unusual peppers. Suggesting higher heat for the breaded goat cheese and more wine! Fearing standing next to the pressure cooker with the chicken. (There were no injuries, and our hostess’ Spanish grandmother’s chicken recipe was wonderful!)

It was a great combination of dinner guests. A couple we’ve met at our hostess’ past birthday parties and a couple that was new to us.

We laughed our asses off.

Really. Somehow, even with all that wine and all that good food, I managed to weigh two pounds less today than I did yesterday.

I think the secret’s in the laughter workout I had last night. And that makes me want to have a dinner party of my own. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one.

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  1. October 31, 2009 10:01 am

    Ooo a KLo dinner party?! I would love to go! It’s a shame you live so far away. I agree that laughter is an excellent workout. Keep laughing!! And it’s an excellent mood-booster too.

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