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The Perfect Metaphor

November 8, 2009

popcorn wagonEach morning a group of students from the special ed area (for lack of better term, even after a search of my school’s website) roll out a couple of carts and a popcorn wagon.

They set it all up on the commons area and spend a couple of  hours selling pretzels, popcorn, cookies, and nachos.

It’s a great educational deal for them. Working on communication with the general public, making eye contact,  handling food and money.

It’s a great bargain for us. Something besides the bags of chips, candy bars, and greased lettuce* & more that they sell in the cafeteria (greased food that I love).

I didn’t notice it until this week, when one of my classmates pointed out to me, that one of the wheels of the popcorn cart looks as though it got backed over when somebody parked the popcorn wagon behind their mother’s minivan.

Wobble wobble wobble wobble, down the hallway it comes. Pushed by one of the students who will, with the aid of an aide, get it all plugged in, filled up and ready to sell.

That wobbly wheel is the perfect metaphor for the program and the students behind the popcorn wagon. And the students in front of the wagon, with a drive for the taste that goes with that smell – fresh popped popcorn – wobbly, yes, but just the right thing for everyone involved.

And the fact that I only got 30 cents in change, when the student owed me 50 cents, but had tossed all the coins into one bin, because they were so much fun to play with – and then got confused about the denomination of each coin, gave me a smile that lasted for hours. Well worth the 20 cent tip.

*A fellow student said this week, after I’d been talking about how my turkey burger was so good that it had to be mostly fat, “All of their food is filled with fat, they grease their lettuce here!”

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  1. Cathy permalink
    November 11, 2009 2:12 pm

    Nice Entry for the day! 🙂

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