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Higher Power in Cookies with Frosting

December 15, 2009

Finished my finals today. Business English? We’ll see what I get. It could go either way. Receptionist Skills? I had to take a test in that? That’s just goofy. The phone rings and I answer it. Somebody comes into the office and I say hello, how can I help you. Medical Terminology? I nailed that mofo. I’d be surprised if I got more than one wrong.

Yes. I am that arrogant about my prowess in the Medical Terminlogy.

Speaking of prowess, if you’re a facebook friend of mine, you already saw this:

Not really sure what number of  hootchie-mama I am.

Am I not awesome with my photoshopping skills?

I am self-taught!

I  know!

Crazy photoshop skillz!

Question: If you didn’t already see this on my facebook page, why aren’t you my facebook friend? Is it because my teeth aren’t blinding white like Tiger’s?

If only I’d get over my fear of teeth whitening. And I had a cashload of money fall in my hands. I’d be all over the teeth whitening. Because that cashload could pay for the therapy I’d need to get over my worry of my teeth becoming brittle from bleach, and cracking off at any moment. Although, any therapist who was worth their money would know that bleach plus teeth do  not mix, and would be talking to me about my fear of having teeth that are a natural color.

Note to self: learn how to photoshop-whiten teeth.

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  1. dakotagirl permalink
    December 15, 2009 4:06 pm

    I’m here at my desk at work, and you just made me smile. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. Gretchen permalink
    December 15, 2009 4:35 pm

    Cookies are an excellent higher power. I admit I am powerless over cookies. Wait, that’s not how it works, is it?

  3. lap permalink
    December 15, 2009 5:59 pm

    I think that kicks ass. I think you should also hold a contest were your readers get to pick your higher power for the month of March…

  4. December 16, 2009 12:56 am

    Ooh, I could get behind a higher power of cookies with frosting. I think that is a most excellent plan.

    I myself like the Force.

  5. Gretchen permalink
    December 16, 2009 11:11 am

    Who are you on Facebook, anyway?

  6. December 17, 2009 2:45 am

    Hey! I’m on Facebook! I play Farmville on Facebook! We could be Facebook friends! Dude, I’m friends with all the cool people – even – wait for it… Suzanne Whang! If you were friend with me, you could bask in the Suzanne Whang glow too!

  7. December 19, 2009 10:40 am

    I would LOVE to be in middle-aged ladies’ barbershop quartette! What could be more fun than that? As long as I didn’t have to get up onstage or appear in a stupid TV reality show. But the singin’ … nothin’ could be better.

  8. Fay permalink
    December 22, 2009 2:07 pm

    I am with you on the Ben Folds love, but also the Sing-Off hate. My solution has been to keep it on “in the background” while I’m wrapping presents or cleaning up the kitchen or whatever, and only pay attention when a group I like is singing, or when Ben is talking. Also, Nick Lachey? Should really only just sing. He looks so AWKWARD up there trying to be all host-y.

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