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Camera Backlog

December 17, 2009

Seeing as how my younger son always has my camera these days (he’s got a “girlfriend” in California – who he believes is 16 years old, but we’re pretty sure is a 45 year old fat, bald man in greyed briefs) so he can send photos off to this “girlfriend”.

I’m in Taking Back My Power mode these days so I figured, hey, I’m Taking Back My Camera, too!

I’ve got some old photos on there I never shared with you, and I took some new photos while doing some Christmas shopping at the Maul of America today. Note the photoshopped hat. God, I am crazy with my photoshop skillz!

This one is my Concert Date, Eddie, who now works at Brookstone. I just love Eddie. Not love love him, but love him in an appropriate way. He’s so damned happy all the time and quite the charmer.

I’d just found out that he was working there so I thought it would be fun to find a gift for The Big Nugget with the help of Eddie.

Not so much.

Eddie kept trying to sell me one of those stupid remote control helicopters. Like I need that shit flying around my house while I’m trying to sneak a cocktail.

Which reminds me, The Big Nugget was in a room last night where I’d stashed some booze (seeing as how I can’t keep booze in normal booze spaces) so he got to witness me sneaking in, with my glass of tinkling ice, and uncover the hidden booze & pour some into my glass before people who shouldn’t know where the hidden booze is could see me).

“Do we have a problem here?” he asked.

“You  mean because I have booze hidden around the house?” I asked back (which is what people who’ve got drinking problems do, never answering a question with an answer).

And then we both laughed. Ha. Living in a house where someone needs to go through treatment but will not go through treatment is so amusing to us. We laugh when we can.

Anyhoodle. That’s my photo of Eddie. My concert date from the Mat Kearney/Keene concert back in the early part of summer.

Here’s a photo from the Maul of America today. I don’t like the Maul during the holidays. It’s full of very slow, indecisive people who like to make human walls of sweat pants and softball jackets (with zip-out flannel linings!) that keep you from getting to your destination without going totally insane at a very slow pace.

It’s such a huge damn mall. And it takes a whole lot of oversized Christmas decorations. But that makes me feel good, knowing that somewhere out there, there’s an oversized Christmas decoration company with a whole lot of paid employees! Ain’t I just peppy and positive?

Here’s one from the Maul – at an entry point into the amusement park formerly known as Camp Snoopy. Which was way more thematically cute than that stupid Camp Nickelodeon, or whatever it’s called.

I would have walked around and taken more photos, had I not been accompanied by an unwilling child-man, who wanted to die from the embarrassment his mother was causing him…taking photos in a Maul! With witnesses! God!

This is part one of a two-part photo essay. It is also the only photo I’ve taken, so far, of the two-part photo essay. Part 2 will have to be taken tonight.

You’ll understand tomorrow. When Part 2 has been taken and is posted.

I like how I write that I’m going to post it tomorrow as though I’m so rapid with my photo posting.

You’re probably wondering why I’d take, and then post, some random photo of a basic ranch home on a wintery day. It’s not my house. Just be patient, would ya?

This is my sweet, sweet doggy, Stella Mirra, Retrieved Golden. Such a sweet, sweet dog.

She killed another squirrel today. I watched the fight. The squirrel was quite the contender. Smacking my dog in the face with it’s itty bitty squirrel paws, hanging from my dog’s back and hanging from my dog’s pretty pink polka-dotted collar. Flinging through the air with the greatest of ease, only to be trapped again immediately. Stella Mirra isn’t so sweet at all.

She’ll pretend she’s your friend but don’t get too close (if you’re wearing your squirrel coat) or she’ll kill you!

And then she’ll smile.

Because you are so delicious!

Speaking of delicious, here’s the photo from The Big Nugget’s birthday cake that about made my head explode from the annoyance of it all.

I have never been so pissed off while making a cake. And a cheesecake. That was the wrong size.

It was delicious. Except I threw about 2/3 of it away because The Big Nugget doesn’t eat much, in general, so I had to toss it or I’d have finished it all myself.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. But it really was tasty!

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  1. December 17, 2009 6:30 pm

    Your mad Photoshop skillz slay me! I love the hats. Seriously. Maybe you can Photoshop a hat onto a photo of me! I’d look so festive. I keep meaning to buy a Santa hat (oh dear lord I just wrote “SATAN”), but I want a NICE one, not a cheap Dollar Store one that’s scratchy. Where does one get the fancy hats?

    I’d love one day to go to the Maul. Just for research, mind. Do they still have the QVC store there?? They used to have all these interviews with the shoppers in sweatpants and softball jackets (with zip-out flannel liners!), but no more. Well, I don’t watch QVC anymore, but I know they quit doing them a while ago.

  2. December 17, 2009 7:49 pm

    Little Mrs. Sleepy – I will see what I can do about you and the elf hat. You have a particular picture you could e-mail to me?

    That photo of the Rudolph elves was taken from right in front of QVC store!

  3. Gretchen permalink
    December 18, 2009 9:49 am

    Eddie makes a darn cute elf! Think again about the helicopter – they usually crash and wreck almost immediately so you don’t really have to worry about it flying around the house much.

  4. December 19, 2009 1:25 am

    Michael came home from college Wednesday night, so happy and proud of the new remote control helicopter he’d bought himself. By Thursday night, after his father and siblings could NOT keep their hands off it, he wasn’t so happy anymore. Gretchen’s right. Waste of money.

  5. December 19, 2009 10:39 am

    Jesus Kath, that is the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen! Good thing it was tasty!
    (Not that I could do better. Oh no. I’d need magic photoshopping skilz to make any of my cakes look like they do in magazines.)

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