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Big Christmas Tree

December 22, 2009

Remember when I showed you this house and said I’d be right back with another photo? And then I went away for many days without posting another photo?

I am so unreliable.

I will not put this blog on my list of references.

This is that same house. At night. Without a flash. Because I didn’t want them wondering what kind of a person would park in front of their house, with the car lights off, and snap a photo. Also, I am parked farther away from the house, so as to not rouse suspicion and be greeted by a friendly police officer.

They’ve done this for years. By day, there’s some little tip of a green tree poking on their rooftop. By night, that little tip of a green tree lights up and is pretending to be the breakthrough part of a too-tall tree that’s inside.

I. Love. It.

What kind of a lighthearted person lives inside who can think of this and follow-through with it year after year after year.

I do believe I am just about done with the Christmas shopping. Which is a good thing seeing as how today is December 22nd. I got stuff in time to send up north to The Big Nugget’s parents, with his brother – who was kind enough to drop by and pick it up.  It’s hard to buy things for older people who live in smaller homes and already own more things than older people in smaller homes should.

I was at Bloomingdales the other day, looking for gifts that would be great for regifting. But then realized that they don’t regift. They just add it to the large amount of things in their small home. Which is their right. I just don’t want to be an enabler.

So I bought them two books and an almanac book calender. Because books don’t count as too much stuff. I’d intended to buy my father-in-law a book about the assassinations of JFK, Bobby K, and ML King, but when I saw the book I’d wanted to purchase, it had so many words and so little pictures. I ended up buying them a beautiful, hard-bound book about the area they live in; and a baking book by Marjorie Johnson, the very old Minnesota baker who frequented Jay Leno’s show – when it was on at the right time. Not that I ever watched Jay Leno because he’s just not funny. But when Marjorie was on, I watched because she’s hysterical.

I also got some baking done: Velveeta Fudge, Biscotti, and Egg Nog Cookies. I hope to make 3 more kinds of cookies and dip butter pretzels in white almond bark – one of the kids’ favorites.

I’m just glad that the construction person we hired is done (he did gorgeous work) so now I can also clean the place up. Christmas is exhausting!

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  1. dakotagirl permalink
    December 23, 2009 10:05 am

    Bracing for the BIG STORM, they’ve been talking about for 5 freaking days! Hopefully we won’t have to go to the inlaws on Christmas, (did I say that?) Have a very Merry Christmas Kathy!

  2. Leslie permalink
    December 23, 2009 10:31 am

    Love the tree coming through the roof – have you seen the one where the dummy is hanging off the 2-story roof gutters with a string of Christmas lights?

    My dad and his wife are also old and live in a small house. The last thing they need is more “things” for Christmas. For the past few years I have been buying them sheep and cows and ducks and goats for Christmas. Check out the heifer project (I don’t have a direct link right now, but you can google it easily) … you can give gifts of livestock (or shares of livestock) to people in poor countries in honor of your gift recipient, then send them a card saying, “I got you a sheep for Christmas!”

    My dad loves it, and it makes me feel good to help someone else, and best of all, no shopping/shipping! Win/win as far as I can see.

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