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Kitschin Logic in the Kitschin

January 4, 2010

When I tell you  that the Southwestern Chicken Soup is good, you ought to listen to me. This is a picture I took of The big Nugget’s serving. It just can’t be much easier to make. And lordy, it’s a filling soup. I was beyond full after one bowl. The Big Nugget went for another bowl and ended up looking like a starving child with the distended belly. I’m not absolutely sure but I think there were flies on his eyeballs.

God. That is so wrong. I should watch my mouth.

For dinner I made a Vietnamese Noodle Salad. I now know the secrets to the salads I crave from Minneapolis’ Jasmine Deli and Richifield’s Vina Restaurant. If I can learn how to make the grilled beef and pork they make, I might save a ton of money. Well, I probably won’t save any money because by the time I buy the ingredients, it’ll be well over the $6.95 it cost for the restaurant’s salad. But that’s just one serving. I can make more servings and if I eat nothing but Vietnamese Noodle salads morning, noon and night – eventually I’ll end up saving money. And lose my craving for Vietnamese noodle salads.


I tell you, if you don’t already own the cookbook: Cooking Light fresh food fast, you ought to run on over to Amazon right now and order it. Easy. Healthy. Easy. And you can add fatter items to their wimpy light recipes and make them even tastier! I like that in a healthy cookbook!

So last night our younger son, 12th grade, tried to convince us that school did not get back into session until Tuesday, the 5th. He even showed us the calendar on his high school’s website that proved his point.

We didn’t believe him so checked the district site and sure enough, school started on Monday, the 4th. Normally, it’s insanely ugly getting him up on school mornings. Can you imagine how bad it was this morning?

Actually, I was kind of surprised that it was one of our easier mornings. I think he might have hoped that school was not in session until tomorrow and he could prove us wrong. As we approached school (we drive him in the morning because then we get an extra 45 minutes of sleep – why do the bus come so damn early?) there was the usual amount of school traffice.

Dang it. I was kind of hoping he was right.

I go back to school next week but some time today I start my online photoshop class. I can’t wait to get real photoshop skillz!

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  1. poolagirl permalink
    January 4, 2010 10:58 am

    Flies on his eyeballs! OMG! So wrong and SOOO funny!

  2. January 4, 2010 1:25 pm

    WHY. WHY do buses come so damn early?? When I was in high school, school started at 7:40am. My bus came at 6:50am. I was one of the last stops, and I lived just a mile and a half from school, so I got to school at 7:05am. WHY. Sadly enough, I actually liked getting to school that early because it gave me more time to socialize (who, me?? A social butterfly?? Nahhh.), so when I drove to school my senior year I still got to school at 7:05am.

    Can you say NERD?

    We shall be making shrimp together tonight! Kurt voted for Garlic Shrimp Casserole for dinner tonight. I hope it’s good. It has heavy cream in it; it almost has to be good.

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