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No Time for Boredom in the Bedroom

August 28, 2010

The Big Nugget’s big sister is in Minnesota for a couple of weeks. She lives in Honolulu and we don’t get to see her too often. I really like her so it’s always nice when we get to have her for a few days.

This time has been a little rough on me though. I didn’t realize how tired this stupid cancer has made me until I tried to run all over the Twin Cities metro area and show the sil and her friend around. I want to take them everywhere but I get wiped out easy. I didn’t take them to the state fair, and I really would have liked to take them to the fair; but I knew I wouldn’t last long and that my hand would puff up. This really ticks me off because I am bored out of my ever loving mind and would love to entertain people by running them hither and yon. I LOVE the Minnesota State Fair!

I really wish I’d had a job before I got smacked with this crap. At least I could be easing my way back in. As it stands right now, it’s kind of difficult to go in search of work when my head is bald, my eyebrows are pretty much missing (they didn’t start to go until after I was done with the chemo – what’s up with that?) and I’ve got physical therapy and doctor’s appointments and surgery to work a new work schedule around. “Hi. I’d love to work here. I’m going to need time off for appointments and 6 weeks off at the end of October for surgery and recovery, thanks.”

But I was going to school at the time of diagnosis and battle. I plan on finishing my diploma or certificate as soon as I can, and then I want to find a job as soon as I can – even if it’s just part time – because I am bored out of my ever lovin’ mind.

However, today there will be no time for boredom. My niece Tracy and maybe my niece Lisa, and perhaps my little sis-in-law, are coming over to help me redecorate the bedroom. They don’t know it yet but I’m going to rent a steamer so we can spend hours of fun removing the lower layer of wallpaper from the walls. If that goes quickly, we can go shopping for some bedding and some towels for the bathroom. I also plan to repaint the ceiling, walls, and furniture but I’m pretty sure we won’t get to that today.

I should be snoring by 8 o’clock tonight.

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  1. August 29, 2010 1:04 am

    You have so much energy!

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