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Not A Book Learner Part II

September 10, 2010

If you missed my comments the other day in my entry about me not being a book learner, then you missed this one from my teacher, Susan:

As I recall, you did exceptional in the medical terminology class. You earned a 99% in the class, right?
Your medical terminology teacher

p.s. I am counting on you being in the A&P class starting in January. We’ll have fun. Okay?

The only reason I did so well in medical terminology is because Susan has a teaching style that works really well with non-book learners like me. She would write the word, the word root, the combining form, and the definition on the board and then she’d talk about it. I can learn like that. Could have learned it even better if she’d made me stand up next to her in class and pointed out which part of the area she was referring to at the time. Would have made it a little uncomfortable during the reproductive section but a hoot during the cancer pages. Maybe we can do it that way when I’m back for anatomy and physiology in the winter, Susan! I’ll wear a leotard to class so it’ll make it easier for you, too!

I hardly read the medical terminology book at all. Although it was written in my style. Broken down into categories with short definitions. Choppy. I like that in a text book. The same isn’t the case for the anatomy & physiology book (which I’ll glance through so that Harriet can be happy). However, a couple of prior anatomy & physiology students of Susan’s said they did just fine in the class without reading the book at all. I’m going to depend totally on Susan’s teaching style to get me another 99%.

I went to Hirshfield’s Paint & Wallpaper store this morning to get names of contractors who might be interested in removing wallpaper. Oh! I have photos of the wallpaper for you.

 First is the wallpaper/glue that lines the hallways on the first and second floors. (There’s baby blue paint under the old vinyl wallpaper/glue. The whole house was baby blue-themed when we bought it.) I’ve removed most of the wallpaper and hardened glue from the first floor – but it took me forever because the glue is as hard as plastic. I can’t sand it. All I can do is roll on Diff and remove it, in 3 foot wide increments at a time. It takes forever but it can be done. I started removing it, oh, four years ago? I’m never going to finish it.

Then there’s the bedroom. (This little area is the portion that my niece worked on for 2 hours!) I peeled off the top layer of vinyl, revealing a very thin and very pink & green floral paper underneath. That was, like the hallway wallpaper, affixed to the wall without proper sizing underneath. The fuzzy beige stuff comes off with steaming and Diff, but is impossible to get to because the pink & green floral wallpaper that wouldn’t peel, will not come off.

Don’t say it. I’ve steamed it (using the Tiger to score before attempting to steam), I’ve rolled on Diff. Nothing removes this unless I’m willing to spend a solid hour per square foot. I don’t have that many hours left in my lifetime.

(This is the area I worked on for two hours) So I went to Hirshfield’s, like I said, only to find that it was no longer across the street from Southdale (the first indoor mall, ever. I’m so proud.) I just googled it, this very second. It moved over to the strip mall where Joann Fabrics is. Thanks for telling me. I bet it’s been over there for ten years or  more. I am oblivious to these types of things.

Not knowing I was 2 stoplights away, I headed back to my city and stopped in at Sherwin Williams, glancing hatefully at the wallpaper sales wall while I walked to the counter. A contractor was there, buying contractor-type stuff so I asked him if he removed wallpaper. He did not. And he didn’t make my search for a wallpaper removal guy feel very positive. Which only makes me wish we had illegal immigrants hanging out by our Home Depots. I’d hire them. I don’t care how bad that makes me look. I have got to get this damn wallpaper off!

The Sherwin Williams employee wrote down two names of contractors who remove wallpaper. Before I called them, I ran their names through the state’s penal records to see if they’d ever gotten in trouble while removing wallpaper. Neither of them had. But, oh boy, wallpaper removal guys sure do speed a lot and they don’t stay married very well.

I called the one who speeded the least and was divorced the least. He actually answered my phone call and claims that he’s going to call me on Tuesday so we can set up an appointment for Thursday or Friday, for an estimate on wallpaper removal and maybe painting, too.

I’ll call the faster, more divorced one, on Monday so I can set up another estimate appointment. I like to get three estimates so will head over to Home Depot for another name and number.

Are you like me? Are you loving this fall weather? Are you totally not giving a poo that fall is followed by winter?

This is my favorite time of the year and my gold-colored kitchen and pumpkin-colored living room can attest to that fact.

Also? I love crows. (Did you know a bunch of them is called a murder? Isn’t that awesome?!) I found this one at The Buffalo Nickel in Buffalo last Friday. I found the Autumn leaves scented candle at the Round Barn Pottery Co. in Andover yesterday. (See what happens when I get bored and don’t want to read ahead in my textbooks? I get in the car and drive long distances to pick up crap I don’t need. However, I do believe I needed that crow and that I need more so I can own a murder of them. Who wants to run up to Buffalo with me?)

A candle which, by the way, I believe is the reason I had a headache last night. I rarely get headaches. Haven’t had one for a very long time. Even the chemo didn’t give me headaches. But burning this candle (even though it wasn’t overpowering) may have been the cause of last night’s headache. I rarely burn candles for this reason, I believe. Burn a candle = headache. No candle burning = no headache. Wow! Look at the math! And no, it wasn’t the Vikings loss that caused it (I love football because it’s in the fall!) because I noticed the headache when I sat down to watch the game.

Damn you, Brett Favre. You’re not going to take us to the Super Bowl this year, either, are you?

That’s okay. I made chili and watched the game while reading a book. It’s all good.

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  1. gardenqueen permalink
    September 10, 2010 3:09 pm

    You might try I’ve tried it a couple of times looking for stuff for my Mom’s house and have gotten pretty good people.

  2. lap permalink
    September 10, 2010 3:14 pm

    Remember when I thought the wallpaper glue on the staircase wall was a paint treatment?

  3. September 10, 2010 3:46 pm

    The first human biology course I ever had — jr. high? — taught me one really useful trick. You carry a sort of cheat sheet with you. Gotta learn bones? Easy, you just count the ones you’ve got. Muscles. Team ’em up with the bones.

    Talkin’ to patients, on the other hand, I can’t do that!

  4. Lorraine T. permalink
    September 10, 2010 5:43 pm

    What about papering over it? Blind stock is cheap and paintable! (Maybe you have thought of this option and I am a skimmer…if so…Sorry!)

    • September 10, 2010 9:37 pm

      There are so many levels of wall depth now that papering over it would look very wobbly. However, throw up some paint and we’ll call it Tuscan!

  5. September 10, 2010 9:31 pm

    “I completely understand your love of Autumn”, says the woman with the pumpkin tattoo. I wemt to CVS last night and instead of buying hair gel, I ended up with two candles – one pumpkin and one apple. They smell delicious!!

  6. September 11, 2010 9:08 am

    I was just thinking that perhaps you could get a different kind of estimate. By the time and labor that it will take to remove all the wall paper and glue, skim it and paint it, it might be cheaper to have someone just drywall over the area or at least the largest area and have it tape bedded and textured, then painted. It could be a cheaper and less time consuming job.
    Also check out if who ever does the job for you charges by the hour and if so (slam door in his/her face) and find out what bid they will give you for the total job.
    You did say that this has multiple layers of wall paper right? I am thinking that will take a lot of compound mud to cover and you will never get all the humps out that way with out a lot of time and effort.
    But get your esitmates for the removal and skimming and another for the drywall and texture. Good luck. Beth

  7. September 11, 2010 1:11 pm

    My Scott has a c-pap machine for sleep apnea, and was told that burning candles in the house can gunk up the inner workings of it.

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