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Another Case of Folliculitis

September 17, 2010

Except this time, the folliculitis is on the dog, not on my head.

Stella Mirra, Retrieved Golden , and I met my little brother and his bouncy boy, Frankie, at the dog park earlier this week. Those cousin dogs had a great time running around, visiting other dogs. Taking a swim in the big old dog park pond.

As we were getting ready to leave my little brother said, “Time to take Frankie home and put him in the tub.”

I should have grabbed on to that and asked him why, because after Stella takes a swim in the dog park pond or the neighborhood creek, I never take her home and clean her off. I figure that’s her bath in-between her salon day at the dog groomer’s.

A couple of days later, her scratching herself was driving me so nuts that I removed her collar and tags. “Damn it, dog, you’re driving me nuts with the itching and the jangling. If you  run away without your ID, you’re somebody else’s dog, now!”

Then yesterday her scratching was making me insane, even without the jangling. Oh, and I thought that perhaps it might be bothering her, too. Sympathetic dog owner that I am. I called the Vet’s office and got her in in the morning.

Sure enough, she has folliculitis (inflamed hair *fur* follicles, furliculitis), on her skin, probably from swimming in the dog park pond without being rinsed off afterwards.

“Some dogs are sensitive that way,” the Vet said.

Jesus. She’s a lab/retriever mix. They’re hunting retrievers. They retrieve dead birds from water. And I don’t think that hunters rinse them off and they return with the kill and head to the drunken campground for the weekend.

I suspect that Stella is a factory second, which explains why she was found roaming the fields of Iowa before the rescue group got ahold of her a then tricked me in to adopting her.

Stella is now on steroids, antibiotics and an antihistamine. Delivered by peanut butter.

And she got a shampoo bath yesterday afternoon so she now smells of wet dog, apple shampoo and peanut butter.


In family news Thing 1 had a job interview for a job that he applied for over a month ago. Already having a job, I made Thing 1 go and interview anyway because this job is much closer to home. He doesn’t drive, yet, so I think we get some say in that. He was scheduled to interview at 4:00. At 4:05 he called me to come and pick him up as he was already done. I didn’t think that bode well for a job. At 5:00 the phone rang, offering him a job with orientation on Monday!

He’ll be working at the grocery store with my little hair helmet cashier. He thinks he might be able to keep the job at the movie theater, too. Which shocked the shit out of me, that he’d work two jobs after not wanting one job at all. I think he just doesn’t know how to tell the theater that he wants to quit. He’s only been working there a couple of weeks.

On the flip side, his little brother quit his job at Radio Shack because he was offered a seasonal job at a store at the Mall of America. One that might not turn into permanent employment. Because his bestest friend got a job at Radio Shack (so he did) then bestest friend left job for the MOA job (and got the manager to hire my son seasonally to maybe permanent.)

Jobs and job hopping in a down-turned economy. It’s amazing to me.


I’ve got a painter/wallpaper contractor coming over this morning to give me a bid. Fingers crossed!

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  1. September 17, 2010 8:47 am

    Oooo. Poor Stella {and poor you}. Went thru that with Gus a couple months ago with the itching and scratching and chewing and licking! ARG!! Being probably ‘over treated’ for the copious amounts of ticks and fleas in this God Forsaken place, that was ruled out and a couple vet visits later, we found out he is allergic to…..dum, dum DUM…………Grass!!! Hell of a thing for a very busy, outdoorsy, Cocker Spaniel to be allergic to. His second flare up evolved into a Staph Infection almost over night! The vet blamed our long hot and very DRY weather and after several means of treatment and now, finally, some rain I think it is under control….for now. And, he must he hot, as the vet advised against us getting him his short ‘sport cut’ at the groomers. It was, of course, worse on his tummy and underside and the hair helps keep his skin from so much grass contact. Good grief! Next thing we know, our horses will be allergic to HAY!

  2. September 17, 2010 8:51 am

    I wouldn’t blame it on Stella as a “factory-second.” People are sensitive to more things than they were years ago, so I guess it can happen to dogs too. Be glad she’s not allergic to peanut butter. Everyone ate peanut when I was a kid, and I mean everyone, even my finicky little sister. Not a kid in school had trouble with it. Maybe we’re all factory-seconds.

  3. September 17, 2010 3:48 pm

    Yay, Things 1 & 2!!! Can they get me a job, too??

  4. September 20, 2010 8:46 am

    Poor Stella, I bet my dog(s) know how she was feeling since they were itching and scratching too. I had to take Bandit to the vet because he got bit by a wolf spider who happend to have babies that she I guess somehow laid and it was a mess. The vet had to dig 12dead spider babies out of his hip/butt it was awful. Bandit is allergic to everything I swear. He is on steroids,antibotics, and benedryl to calm him down.
    Cheers to Thing 1 and Thing 2 for their jobs. It is hard to find a good job in this economy and I hope it all works out for both of them. Take care, Beth

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