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The Day I Had My First Nudie Photos Taken

September 30, 2010

For someone who’s life is on hold, I’ve been awfully busy the last couple of days.

Yesterday I was on the phone a lot. I am excited to tell you that I have hired a contractor to come and remove wallpaper in my bedroom and upstairs hallway  next week. He returns phone calls and he seems pretty enthusiastic about doing work in exchange for cash. Without me begging him to give him cash for work.  I’ll let you know how he does.

I got a call yesterday from school buddy “Karna” (not her real name. oh wait. it is.) to let me know that school registration for winter semester is coming up pretty quick. How’d that happen already? I’m not ready! I’m excited and I’ll be ready to go back to school in January, but I’m not ready to think about it just yet.

So I got on the phone and talked with my advisor, best teacher in the entire interplanetary solar system (hi Susan!) so she can get me the secret code I need to register for classes. So far I’ve got no secret code but I have a tenative coffee date with “Karna” and the wife of the guy who made this sculpture, aka my teacher/advisor/friend/Susan:

Which, by the way, I had dinner next to last night. The sculpture, not Susan. I didn’t actually have dinner right next to the sculpture. I had dinner at the restaurant pretty dang close to the fish carousel.

I met my blog-turned-3D pals, akk & lap, at Burger Jones. None of us had ever eaten there so it was a risk. But we are a very daring gastronomic trio. Besides, they have beer. I don’t care if your food is crap as long as you give me a beer to wash it down. Thankfully Burger Jones is awesome. Their burgers are delicious, their beer and cocktail selections are many, and this:

Tri-Fry Tasting Tower

hand-cut russet fries, maple bacon sweet potato fries and parmesan waffle fries with choice of dipping sauces 7.99

:is to die for!

Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Fries – where have you been all my life? Want to know what I think about lap and akk? They didn’t let me eat them all even though I tried to use the cancer card on them. God, they are so mean!

And awesome!

lap wants to work there and I want lap to work there so that I can visit with her when I go there every week.

How fat will I be?

Speaking of fat, I had my first, ever, topless photo taken of me this morning.

I know, right? You’re jealous!

I felt like Irene Cara in Fame.

What it was, was my “before” picture at the reconstructive surgeon’s office. We talked about my scar revision surgery, which he seems to be guaranteeing as easy and quick to recover from; then I had to step into a little “photo booth” room next to the exam room so the nurse could take the before pictures of  my naked torso.

“Do you want me in the picture, too?” the Big Nugget asked.


You guys let me know if you ever see my naked photos on the internets, okay?

How far have I come that I’m not even phased by having a somewhat-nudie photo taken of me?

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  1. October 2, 2010 8:42 am

    Maple bacon sweet potato fries?! You are KILLING me over here, lady! I just had my coffee, and now my mouth is watering for maple bacon sweet potato fries.

    I had a burger yesterday at my husband’s hail & farewell. He wanted to go to this pub downtown that is “famous” for their burgers, so of course I had to try one. They were pretty good, but what I loved about them most was I ordered it “medium” and it came pink! Usually I order my burger “medium” and it comes well-done. Hmph. Yesterday’s “world famous” burger didn’t come close to the $6 burger I found at this little hole in the wall place in Nowheresville, Massachusetts, however. NOM NOM. Except that one was overcooked. It did have maple bacon on it, though.

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