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Chuck Chuck Bo Buck

October 5, 2010

Good gravy my life is dull these days – thank you. That being said – good gravy my life is dull these days! Least I can do is respond to your comments. I should do that more. I don’t know why I don’t. I blame it on the chemo brain.

Your comments are in the handy dandy quote box. I’m not using names because I fear it might scare you from making comments. However, if you used your names in the actual comments, they can be seen by anyone who is adventurous enough to seek them out.

I remember my first day at the therapist. He asked me one question and I immediately started crying. I considered it a wonderful ice breaker.

I didn’t cry one time yesterday. Not once. My therapist, who I get to call “Chuck” (yay!) probably thinks I am certifiably out of touch with my feelings. (I’m sure that’s a diagnosis in the book. Probably had a code for it. Lisa? Are you reading? What’s the ICD-9 code for Cold Bitch?) I just didn’t want to scare him on our first date. Sorry. Not a date. But boy, I do believe I found my therapist soul mate with this guy. Remind me to tell you one day about how I really like people at first and then realize I made a horrible mistake in liking them and have to figure out a way to get out of the relationship without making a total fool of myself. Which I am very unsuccessful at doing.

Know what’s even cooler? He asked me if I’d been referred to him by my primary care physician, who refers people to Chuck sort of frequently. But I didn’t find Chuck that way. I found Chuck on my insurance company’s website. We are destined to be therapist and noncrying cold bitch on the couch.

Hope you are feeling better. Might need a beading evening. Just to feel creative again. Take care – and I hope tomorrow goes well.

Hi Floweer (there goes my not putting your name with your quote). I’m feeling not so much better as much as the cold/non-vomitous flu has moved from my throat to my sinuses and is now going to my chest.  It’s a confused cold/flu. Or it’s a cold/flu manufactured by the Family Circus comic strip (you know, the one where the kid runs all over the neighborhood and we get to follow his footprints – isn’t that hysterical? No? How is it still in print then?) BTW Floweer, beading evenings are going to get better – I learned how to knot pearls!

don’t get all dolled up for your first visit, it sets the bar too high for future visits. just wear some sweatpants and a chili-stained shirt.

the next time you go and you are all fixed up and bootiful, he will think he fixed you!

Who should be sitting on the couch, next to me, with all the chili-stained manipulation?! Lee – that’s who! (apparently I’m throwing that non-use of your commenting names right out the window) BTW are you watching me? I just made a big batch of chili the other day. Creepy.

So – does Chuck think that you’re just plain bat-shit crazy or what? Or does he think that you’re an amazingly strong woman who has dealt with the crap you’ve been given in the best possible way?

I do.

Lurve ya, Kathy. And your new jewelry is TO DIE FOR.

I think I have Chuck fooled as to my level of crazy. Actually, he probably has me figured out. He seems to be a professional therapist. I was hoping to find someone who would ask me the right questions as opposed to the last gal (who’d been at it for 26 years) who never seemed to ask the right questions at all. Chuck was in charge. Dang. Now I want to call him Charles. Charles in Charge. Chuck asked great questions and I really like his style. But let’s not bet the farm on that lasting. Like I said, a few paragraphs up, I like people right away and then change my mind in a split second. Chuck could show up in some ridiculous clothing and I’d be done with him. (I’m like my high school best friend Tammy. Hey Tammy! Remember when you broke up with that kid in high school because you didn’t like his haircut? Wasn’t his name Dave?)

But Jean (for that is who wrote that comment) thank you for the kind words and thank you for bringing up my jewelry because, People?! Have you seen what I’ve been making? All those months where I couldn’t get myself to bead are over. This is some of my most favorite stuff that I have ever made!

And I tell you what – it’s time for a blog reader discount. I KNOW! EXCITING! 20% off for all of you!!!! But here’s how you can get the discount – and this is only how you’ll get the discount – send me an e-mail with your shopping list (if you look at the header of my blog, my e-mail address is loud and proudly displayed) I’ll let you know if your item/s  is/are still available and give you a total. ALSO?! Free shipping! If you check out the normal route, you won’t get the discount. Which is fine by me if you want to pay full price – but why would you?

This offer is valid from the moment I post this until the 9th of October – midnight your time.

Okay then. That was fun. Responding to your comments. I should do it more often. So, comment away!

p.s. That first comment was from JJ. I couldn’t have her be the only name I left out.

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  1. October 5, 2010 10:02 am

    I got sent to group therapy once when I was stressed out about life and had driven to Stillwater by mistake. They put me in a group of phobic people – afraid of the toilet, afraid to wear socks, etc. It was quite amazing. The first thing I did was spill an entire carafe of coffee on the floor. Too bad for the lady who was afraid of coffee spills. I lasted a week.

  2. Jean permalink
    October 5, 2010 2:40 pm

    I went to a therapist a few years ago because I was sure that I WAS SO MESSED UP that I was bound to totally screw up all of the good things in the rest of my life. Paul (I never called him that to his face) did some kind of flow chart thing after we covered the dysFUNction of my family. I talked, he asked questions and wrote stuff down. After we finished, he turned showed me his note pad, which looked like a bowl of ramen noodles with random skull and crossbones (kidding) and said, “You’re not mistaken – your family, specifically your siblings are at the far end of the dysfunction spectrum. You’re handling things very, very well and appropriately. But you must stop projecting their dysfuntion onto yourself.”

    It was the most liberating thing anyone has ever said to me. I wasn’t wrong, or over dramatizing the situations swirling around me at the time. I let go of the 10 ton baggage that I had carried around for years that very moment. And let a couple of the relatives in question move to the perimeter of my life. I kid you not when I say that single act probably saved my marriage. And my sanity.

  3. Floweer permalink
    October 7, 2010 8:02 am

    You can call me out anytime you want!

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