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My Mom Has Expired Cheese

November 25, 2010

You guys, my roasted winter vegetables were a success, even though they were overcooked because I started them way too early. And the corn pudding was also a success. I plan to go over to the cooking journal once I’m done here and typing in the recipes. Oh wait. No I’m not. I’m too tired. I’ll find time tomorrow or later this weekend.

The pumpkin roll was an even bigger success. I tried to bring a little bit of it home so I’d have some tomorrow. But every time I wrapped it up, somebody asked where it had gone to. Even my little 3 year old great-nephew. Cuuuuuuute! You know what’s fun? Giving an itty bitty boy his milk in a big people coffee cup. He was happy and it was so danged adorable.

Know what else is cuuuuuuuute? My great-niece and her boots. The little punk had boots like mine, but she’s 5. What a girl. She’s a hoot. She sat at my sister’s organ and “wrote music”. Had my niece write it down for her. Love that girl.

It was such a fun gathering and I even got my sister set up on a facebook account. Not that she’ll ever use it. But now that I have her e-mail and password, perhaps I’ll have to use it for her!

I picked up my mom on the way over and for some reason she wouldn’t carry her purse. So she had her eyeglasses in a case that she brought along. Even with just one cataract surgery behind her, she already has no need for her glasses, unless she’s reading. Apparently she was planning on doing some reading at my sister’s house. I don’t know. I just know that she never wore her glasses and I had to remind her to take her glasses when we left. Of course she couldn’t figure out where she’d put her glasses after we left. I pulled over so we could search the car (did I mention it’s 10 degrees outside? Feels like -1? And that I was wearing a skirt? No?) They were no where to be found so I called my niece and told her to look for them. But then I got this sinking feeling that mom had dropped them in the driveway so I turned around and headed back to my sister’s house. And there they were, right next to where my car had been. Thankfully, nobody left after we did and they hadn’t slid under my car. If I’d driven over them, I’d never hear the end of that.

“Are you mad at me?” mom asked.

“No. Just frustrated. Carry your damn purse next time!” I bitched.

God, we’re a fun duo.

The Big Nugget had driven over in his Land Rover and the boys had come separately so it was just me and the mom. And I do believe I’ve had enough mom time for awhile. At least until her next cataract surgery.

Which reminds me, the other day when I was hanging with her after her surgery, I started to go through her refrigerator and throw out expired food, i.e., cheese that had expired in April 2009. “I suppose you’re going to tell your friends about this,” she said. “No! God! Why would I do that?” I replied.

She knows me too well.

And now, let the Christmas craziness begin. Tomorrow I plan to bake two kinds of cookies and decorate the house for Christmas. Did I tell you that I found a light to use on the aluminum tree? I picked up a canned light at Menard’s and bought a “party bulb” that flashes different colors. Seriously! Dudes! I am amazing!

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  1. November 26, 2010 11:34 am

    “I suppose you’re going to tell your friends about this”. Hahahaha…our poor mothers – not only do we tell our 3D friends – we also tell all of our blog buddies! Jeez, where will OUR kids be telling stories about us when we’re old?

  2. November 26, 2010 9:50 pm

    New jewelry project for you: eyeglass chains to keep from losing one’s glasses. You can make a necklace chain or something that can be pinned to a lapel, for example. I wear my around my neck because I’m always losing them.

    This works, until I drop my food onto them (since I still have two of those things, that don’t match).

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