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My Pocket is on Fire!

December 1, 2010

Before I get to my important update, I received a comment from a fellow lymphedema sufferer who pointed me to an article she was part of. From the looks of the article, Dr. Judith Nudelman (who sent me the comment) has got lymphedema a whole lot worse than I do, having to wear compression garments around the clock.

I am such a whiner.

And yet, I will not stop.

Lymphedema is breast cancer’s dirty little secret. So, of course, I’d be one to get it because I am incapable of keeping secrets.

If you are a lymphedema advocate looking for a voice before congress or the senate or whomever might need a voice to speak on behalf of fellow lymphedemettes, I’m the gal to see. You want insurance to be forced to cover payment for more than two-per-year compression devices? I’m the gal. You want insurance to pay for more light massage drainage therapy? I’m the gal. You want insurance to cover free cauterization after lymphedema victims can’t take it anymore and they chew off their arm? I’m the gal.

Lymphedema advocate at large. Limb. Get it? God, I am so not funny. Not even to myself.


Okay then, enough about the lymphedema for a moment, let’s get to the big news of the entry.

I sold my bead making kiln on Craigslist  yesterday. Got more than I paid for it. How is that possible, you ask? They cost more these days then back when I bought it. And seeing as how my kiln looks unused, who wouldn’t want it? Actually, I’m wondering if I underpriced it because some young kid snapped it up in just a few hours of posting. He even drove up from southern Minnesota on a snowy day to get it.

I’m so happy that it’s gone. It was staring me in the face almost every day. I hardly used it at all when I realized that I’m no good at glass bead making and gave it up. Goodbye guilt!

I made The Big Nugget run over to Best Buy with me the minute the kid left with my kiln so I could look at netbooks and ipads. “The cash! It’s burning a hole in my pocket!!!!” I calmly said. Ahem. “We’ll go, but we’re not buying anything tonight,” proclaimed the voice of reason. “Hey Thing 2, you want to go with us to Best Buy because I’m going to buy an ipad or netbook tonight!” I bellowed down the hall.

Seriously, how does someone not immediately spend a windfall of cash within one hour of receiving it?

Now I’ve got a jones for selling stuff on Craigslist (Is that how you spell it? Who sold the kiln on Craigslist? Would that be me or my husband? Who, by the way, took $20 from me once the kid handed over the money.) I’m looking around the house to see what I want to list next. The Big Nugget is constantly selling stuff on Craig’s List (don’t you think I could quit being lazy enough to check the spelling out? But really, WordPress won’t approve “lymphedema” so I’m not going to look it up! And that is how I justify that.)

In other important entry news, we’ve got a new roommate in the house. (Are you worried that we’re broke and not only selling off household items, but also taking in boarders?) Not to worry. We’re fine. The Big Nugget is still working (**spit spit** for continued luck. Oh hell, now I just jinxed it!) Thing 2’s best buddy, who we adore and will hopefully continue to adore, had his parents run away from him this fall. Down to Tennessee (Why, I don’t know. I’ve been down south – remember? I went to Brewton, Alabama – the basement of our country.  And the south is not a place I’d volunteer to move to. Sorry southern friends. You just don’t know how good and smart it is up here.) The best buddy tried to make a go of living down there but came to his senses and moved back here. So for awhile he’s all ours. And I just have to tell you, this will be a much more hysterical abode while he’s here because Best Buddy is a hoot.

The other day, Thing 2 confessed that he and Best Buddy had been refused service at the Taco Bell drive-thru. Because they’d been going through the drive-thru in reverse. Reverse! Can you imagine? Cracks me the hell up! Kid got born to the right mother.

Also, I’m hoping he’ll eat leftovers because my persnickety bunch won’t. I fried chicken the other day and the leftovers will remain in the fridge until I, alone, eat them or I throw them out. Last night I made a batch of Spicy Turkey Chili. Ditto with me eating it or me tossing it out. Here’s to a boarder with a healthy appetite who’s smart enough to warm it up himself.

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  1. December 1, 2010 12:00 pm

    It’s weird when people won’t eat leftovers. What, I ask you, is it possible to have against leftovers? What is the sense in such a prejudice? I mean, okay, if food’s left over for a week or more, I can understand being put off. But food a day or three old is just as good, and often more tasty, than it was when it was served the first time.
    At my house, we love our leftovers and they rarely last long.
    Try limfedeema; might as well, since your spellcheck is being an ass.

  2. December 1, 2010 12:04 pm

    I’ve been selling stuff on CL too. Or just stuff. I need room for sewing instead. I’m all for more functional at the risk of less cool, especially when I’ve been living with completely cluttered. Everything you donated to Elizabeth is so nice and cool! And surprisingly, most of them also fit me, which means I can wear size 16 again! WOOT! (they are still Elizabeth’s since some are too short for me).

  3. dakotagirl permalink
    December 1, 2010 1:23 pm

    How’s this for redneck….we just sold our acreage on Craigslist. Sold it to the first people that looked at it, they didn’t dicker at all and saved $13,000 in realtor fees. We buy and sell on Craigslist all the time. Love it! My family doesn’t eat leftovers either. Some things are better the next day.

  4. Beth permalink
    December 1, 2010 4:25 pm

    Yeah telllll everybody that you know that the south is the PITS… I hate it. In the summer time you don’t even have to do your laundry, just wring it out and throw it on a line somewhere. No shower either, just take a bar of soap outside some where private, if you live thru the bugs, the humidilty will have you rinsed in no time. We have misquitos as big as humming birds, and I have just witnessed 16 dead raccoons. How is that possible? Southern men love to hunt. For the last 3 weeks I have been witness to dead deer, dead ducks and now dead raccoons.
    I can list a thousand more pits, but I do have to say one thing. Southern Women are the worlds best cooks! They have sugar in everything that they make. I made potato salad for a friend of mine a few weeks ago. She said it was delish but needed more sugar! Sugar in potato salad? Never heard that one and I grew up in Texas!
    Good luck with the Ipad and the netbook! I want one but I am lucky to have what I have so I will not complain too much…. Hugs Beth

  5. December 1, 2010 8:03 pm

    They went through the drive-thru in reverse??!?!?! OMG how funny!

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