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Thanksgiving Recap

December 2, 2010

Because I don’t have a million things to do, I thought I’d spend even more time in front of the computer today, posting more photos. These are from thanksgiving.

This is my plate:

I hope you’re not worried that I didn’t get enough to eat. I didn’t go back for seconds, afterall. However, I ate two pieces of pie and a piece of pumpkin roll. I was merrily bloated.

It is full of very orange/yellowy food. I wonder, were I to remove this shade from my food, would I lose 100 pounds in less than a week? I assume so.

I didn’t get many photos of my family because I didn’t feel like taking many and I was too busy taking photos of Little Miss Snarky Pants, aka My Adorable Grandniece:

I adore this kid.

I didn’t have this much personality when I was her age. What is she going to be like when she’s my age?

I feel for her future life partner.

I also was tickled to see my sister’s grandson hanging with the “big boys” that are my older brother’s grandkids:

He went from using that sippy cup at the beginning of the day to drinking hot chocolate out of a coffee cup, just like the big boys.

And I’m trying very hard to love this baby even though  he tried to murder my niece during childbirth:

Okay. I love him.

p.s. There are two grandnephews and one grandniece missing from these pictures. FYI. Maybe they’ll make the cut at Christmas time!

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  1. December 2, 2010 8:48 pm

    That scrumptious plate of food had me thinking it’s not too soon to make another turkey dinner! Delicious!!

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