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Tell Me About Your Canister Vaccum But That Has Nothing to do With My Walk at the Mall

January 6, 2011

I meant to update yesterday but something really weird happened.

I ran out of words!

No I didn’t. I don’t think that could ever happen to me.


Now I just jinxed myself and am minutes away from stroking out. Or losing my voice box in a drive-by voice box removal.

I was too busy being focused on weight loss yesterday to sit down and write an entry. Also, I mopped the floor.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

It kind of was. Especially the part where I met my friend Karna at the MOA (Mall of America for us mall-savvy people) for some mall walking. Same place, same time Karna. But on Friday. Not Wednesday. So, same place – same time – different day.

Karna’s got these freakishly long legs (says the short chick) but I didn’t want to slow her down and I wanted to burn some holiday cookies so I walked hard, I walked fast. I broke a sweat! And I didn’t spend any money! I forget how big that mall is and how I should be taking advantage of the controlled climate and lack of hills more often. Thanks Karna!

By the way, SS? It’s about 2 miles to walk the entire mall.

I think you all need to take me on mall walks. Even if it means you have to fly in. See you soon!

So I exercised and I logged my weight watchers points like a weight watching points-logging pro. Now I just have to do this for the next 3 trillion days in a row and I should start seeing some results. That doesn’t sound too daunting, does it?

You know how up higher in this entry I mentioned mopping the floor? I have a question for you. I was vacuuming the floor using my old Sears canister vacuum when the power head, which had been dying over the past few years, died. I NEED a power head to suck up the dog hair from rugs, but I also need something to vacuum hardwood floors, which is what I have the most of. I need a new vacuum altogether. But here’s what I want to know from you guys. I want to know if any of you have a canister vacuum that you like and would recommend to the likes of me. I don’t know what that means, the likes of me. Maybe it means that I want something that’s inexpensive and works well. You know how demanding I am. I don’t know if I want a bagless kind or baggish kind. I’d like to hear what you think about yours, be it baggy or not.

Thanks, my vacuum-savvy friends!


Woops, I Did It Again

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Blog!

I’m not kidding. I started a new one because really, this one just about wore me out:

kitchenblogic. rhymes with kitchenlogic. with a b in it.

Update your reader feeds. Update your blogrolls. Update your links.

I command you!

New blog. Same me.

In The Year 2010

December 31, 2010

Here’s one going around the blogosphere today. What did you do in 2010 that you’d never done before?

Should I go there? Should I open Pandora’s box? Is this anyway to celebrate?

Sure. Why not.

1. Got my boobs cut off

2. Lost my hair

3. Bought prosthetics

4. Had liposuction

5. Quit wearing bras

6. Lost a friend to my cancer

7. And even more new things this year!

Good times.

Fucking 2010.

Coupons and Nighttime Baking

December 31, 2010

I can’t get that new TLC show about people who obsessively use coupons out of my head. My God! One guy paid around $75 for over $1,000 of groceries. Maybe more.

One woman got her grocery bill dropped from over $800 down to $6.93. And it was that much because she bought a chicken, which didn’t have a coupon. By the way, that chicken was the only thing in all of her carts that was not a prepackaged food item full on chemicals. Oh wait, I don’t believe it was an organic chicken. Never mind.

The savings are crazy. What’s even crazier is the crap they fill their garages with. Shelves and shelves full of Gatorade. Mounds of fruit snacks. Cartons of candy bars. Who needs that much high fructose corn syrup? Boxes and boxes filled with antiperspirant. Who needs to put that much aluminum in their body (says the breast cancer survivor who now only uses aluminum-free Tom’s of Maine deodorant.)

It seems to gluttonous to me.

And I’m jealous.

Jealous of gluttony.

So I went to the prosthetics supplier yesterday. God, never thought I’d be doing anything like that in my lifetime. But that’s where the lymphedema supplies are. I got fitted for a nighttime glove. It looks like an oven mitt and goes from my fingers, on up to my shoulder. And the goal is to compress my arm and hand at night so that the lymphatic fluid won’t be allowed to build up overnight. (Right, Cathe?)

It’s very sexy, no?

And then I might actually wear my compression glove and sleeve during the day. I cannot tell you how much getting lymphedema just pisses me off. Especially when I’d never heard of the damn thing less than a year ago. That’s one hell of a chronic surprise, let me tell you. I’m thankful that mine is relatively mild. Right now. Shit. Probably just jinxed myself and will now puff up like a puffer fish.

I might just use that nighttime compression glove for what it looks like I should use it for – an oven mitt. For those midnight pie bakes.

I just found an article that sums up lymphedema. In case you’re interested.

I hadn’t planned on making any new year’s resolutions but because of my lack of taking care of my health, I think I must.

So here they are:

1. Do my light massage to help the lymphatic fluids drain.

2. Do the exercises my physical therapist suggested I do.

3. Lose weight, which will hopefully reduce the swelling.

4. Make creme brulee, which I didn’t get around to making in 2010. I know. It won’t help #3 above. Man, you’re a tough audience. Lighten up! I’ts not going to kill me to have one serving of creme brulee!

The Minimalist Plan

December 29, 2010

Forgot to mention this in the last post.

Yesterday I took down all of the Christmas decorations. As much as I love to decorate the house for Christmas, I love to put it away as soon as possible because it makes the house seem bigger and brighter.

After I put boxes away, I said to the Big Nugget, “I’d like to go minimalist in the house. We’re going to need new furniture!”

“That makes a lot of sense,” he replied.

Which is doesn’t. But it does.

Creme de Maalox

December 29, 2010

Susan commented in my last entry:

Kathy – you totally blow me away – Ive just read over some of your posts from the last few weeks and I don’t know where you get all the energy to do all you do.

I’ve got a secret, Susan. I nap. I nap hard. I take advantage of not working and not attending school by laying down on a couch at around 3:00 every day and crashing. It might last 15 minutes, it might last an hour. But it gives me enough energy to last until 10 p.m., when I hurry up and get ready for bed so that the minute I hit the pillow, I’m out again.

When I go back to school in a couple of weeks, I might go through an adjustment period where I’ll have to nap as soon as I get home from classes. But maybe not. Maybe my classmates and best teacher in all the world (Hi Susan! But not the Susan who commented above!) will give me the extrovert’s energy I need.

It seems to me that the more busy I am during the day, the less likely I am to need a nap. However, if I’m just hanging out at the house and get to feeling tired but want to stay awake? I’ll run to Caribou for a very big caffeine-filled coffee. But even that won’t keep me from napping if I’m not running around the Twin Cities Metro area. I guess I’m like a shark and I just have to keep moving.

I had one of my 3-month check-ups with the oncologist yesterday. #2 in a 3 year series of 12 3-month check-ups. (I’m doing a countdown of follow-up appointments and number of times I have to refill my Tamoxifen prescription. I think I’m at 57 more refills on the Tamoxifen. It would help if I were better at math. I should probably give up on the countdowns.)

My blood work came out good. My physical exam went well. No lumps or bumps where they shouldn’t be.

I didn’t make my next appointment while I was there and I wish I would have because when I got a call this morning from Minnesota Oncology, I got a whole lot of nervous when I answered the phone. Thankfully it was just them calling to schedule my next appointment in March. They also scheduled me for a chest x-ray which freaks me out even though I know it’s just routine. But why am I having one at my 9 month check-up? Why not wait until the 1 year check-up? That just makes me think that the oncologist is suspicious. Which I said to the scheduler, who replied that my oncologist is aggressive with the follow-up appointments and the chest x-rays. Which makes me suspicious that I’ll get cancer from all of these chest x-rays.

You just can’t win with me, can you.

We just got our third New Year’s Eve party invite. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this popular before! Must be the hair. Or the fact that our friends are having more parties now that their children have moved out of the house. Woohoo! Partying through our 50s and 60s!

Talking about our aches and pains. Reminiscing about all of our dead friends. Playing cards with a deck of large cards. Eating fiber-filled snacks. Drinking Maalox-based cocktails.

Oh. Hey. There’s an idea! Creme de Maalox. On the rocks!

Party on, old people!

p.s. Speaking of New Years. Anyone joining Weight Watchers who’d like to be a part of my Secret Facebook Weightwatching group? Write on my facebook wall and I’ll invite you!

The Parking Ramp

December 28, 2010

Poor Ricky Nugget. He’s bored out of his mind. Surgery and recovery aren’t fun for him like they have been for me. I could write an entertainment manual on the fun a person can have while recovering from major surgery.

I took pity on him and his inability to entertain himself, and took him out for a day of adventure. Well, a few hours of adventure. He’s not ready for a whole day off of the couch just yet.

We went to lunch at Burger Jones. It was The Big Nugget’s first time there. He wasn’t impressed. Which pretty much made me want to turn around and take him home. But then I should have known this would be his reaction to my favorite burger joint. He feels this way about most food. Which explains why he’s still wearing the same sized pants since the day I met him and I am not.

After lunch I took him into downtown Minneapolis for some shopping at Macy’s. Which used to be Dayton’s.And still should be but some times, the world just ain’t right.

To make it an even more adventurous adventure, I parked in my old parking ramp at the IDS Center. A parking ramp that brings me lots of memories. That I couldn’t rehash with The Big Nugget because he’s already heard those stories too many times and he was too busy focusing on the fact that I parked in the most expensive parking ramp in Minneapolis. The next most expensive parking ramp was over in the Sears Tower, in Chicago. Maybe. I don’t know. But probably. It’s not in Fargo or Des Moines, I’m guessing.

So I’ll just share an old IDS Center parking ramp memory with you:

Back in 1983-ish, I worked for Oxford Properties (Hi Kristine!) who owned the IDS Center. I was a secretary. I got a call one afternoon from Vern, the parking ramp manager – “You better get down here, quick! Bruce Springsteen is waiting for his limo!”

I bolted. To the elevator, wishing I could just open the damn elevator door and drop 28 floors for a quicker trip. Then I had to bolt to the parking elevators through the crowds of the Crystal Court.

Thank god for polyester dresses of the 70s and 80s! No wind resistance – I could streak across the Crystal Court. I can’t believe I didn’t kick off my sensible high heels!

I got onto the parking ramp elevator and beat the heck out of the P1 floor button. When the elevator landed, I bolted out the door and ran smack dab into Mr. Springsteen. Slam!

There was a quick “It’s nice to meet you!” before his people stepped toward us. I apologized, told him I was with the building owners and was just heading over to the parking ramp office for some parking ramp business and walked away.

Then I went into the parking ramp office and screamed a very excited thank you in Vern’s face.

Who then told me to chill because Clarence Clemmon’s car was just pulling up.

And Vern, being cool – unlike me, said, “Hey Clarence! Have you met my friend Kathy?”

So I got to meet Clarence Clemmons.

And I just about died.

Because we don’t get that many celebrities in the Twin Cities and I don’t know how not to act the fool.

I loved working in that building. The Big Nugget said I should work there again. Sure. I’ll just walk into the management office and tell them to make room for me. Demand free parking again.

Funny thing? The Operations Manager that’s there now is the same guy who was the Assistant Operations Manager when I worked there. (I googled him) Maybe I’ll give Thom a call and see if he needs me! Think he’ll remember me some 25+ years later?

Probably not. Besides, I doubt they give employees free parking anymore and with it being the most expensive parking ramp before you get to Chicago, I’d have to work a second job just to cover parking.

Never mind that I can’t just go walking into offices, demanding jobs.

I wonder if I’d get more than the original $12,800 annual salary I made back then.

Man, I thought I was rich when I got my first salaried job. $12,800 – medical and dental. No kids! No house! I was!